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A free Google Chrome extension that updates TwitchAlerts

TwitchAlerts Stream Labels is a Google Chrome extension produced by TwitchAlerts. It runs on your computer within your Google Chrome web browser, and it updates the files that you use in your stream as text, which includes scrolling text. For example, it allows you to see your most recent donations.

A time-saving tool for frequent streamers

TwitchAlert allow you to run streams on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. With TwitchAlerts Stream Labels, you are able to update the files you include with your stream (Xsplit, OBS, etc.) as text. The extension has a lot of problems, which are mainly caused by the fact that the developers are not keeping up with modern technology to the point where streamers are using different devices and their Google Chrome extension is not updating their files correctly. Another problem seems to be security based, such as when the extension tries to log you into Twitch, but instead it tries to log you into a different website that you have never heard of.

Only needs to be used by hardcore streamers

If you are looking to continue streaming and using your streaming efforts to build a following, then you may find TwitchAlerts Stream Labels useful. At the very least, it may be a time saver. Otherwise, if you are an occasional streamer, then this sort of extension may feel a little like overkill, especially if you go to the trouble of setting the extension up and then it doesn't work.


  • It is a free extension that suits frequent streamers
  • The extension may save regular streamers some time


  • It doesn't work for some people
  • Sometimes it doesn't update files

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TwitchAlerts Stream Labels


TwitchAlerts Stream Labels varies-with-device for PC

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